Agent royale

Agent Royale is one of the many games in the online casino slot games genre. The game play is unique, it feels almost like you have been thrown down a dark alley, laying on your stomach staring up. The blonde bad girl with the dragon tattoo may make you faint for different reasons, but no matter how far you try to look up, you are still unsure if she’s an ordinary alley wig or an undercover agents. However, there is one thing you can be sure of, she’s not your typical run of the mill blonde. This agent is more of a spy, with a mind that makes her a dangerous foe to any casino wager. Let’s learn more about this crazy lady.

Agent Royale is set in a near future, after World War II, when in order to keep the peace between the two countries, the United States and Japan have created a new super weapon, a robot to be used in the event of a battle. The plan is that if this super weapon were to get into enemy hands, the Japanese military would have no choice but to use its own bombs against its enemies. To make matters worse, the United States military has been told to put out a distress signal, telling the Japanese that if the robot starts moving, they will need to put out the fire. A group of civilians, including a pregnant woman, are placed near the area in order to observe the robot while the fire fight takes place. Now, since this is not your traditional take on what a spy might do, it’s probably safe to assume that there is more going on here than meets the eye, so watch as this tense situation plays out in this casino slot game.

As a player, you need to act fast, as the special agent that is assigned to this case. The game is setup so that you are given only ten minutes to play and, if you don’t, then time will be of the essence! For each incorrect move, the time for you to act will shorten, thus increasing your chances of failing and losing the life of the target which you’re supposed to stop. If you succeed, you’ll be shown a text message detailing the result of your action, such as “You successfully stopped the bomb in its tracks”, or “You foiled the evil plot”. You will also receive a code which you need to input into the game’s database in order to advance to the next level.

To make the game more interesting and challenging, each time you play you will receive a new set of reels which, when pulled, randomly give you a power up or special action. Each set of reels has a certain number of icons which will be revealed to you and which are taken directly from the movie itself. The action which you are performing is determined by the icon which is drawn next to it on the reels. When you successfully manage to stop all the icons on a single reel, win the game and complete your first mission as Agent Royale.

The two difficulty levels in this game are: “easy” which grants you access to the very first objective of the game, where you have to defuse bombs in order to win; and “normal” where you have more advanced weapons, better defenses and faster reactions. Defusing the bombs are done by pulling them towards you, while simultaneously, pressing the triangle with the mouse. Also, be sure to press the square while moving the stick in order to stop them from exploding. In case you fail in an attempt to defuse a bomb, simply lose your last life until you unlock another difficulty level. The difficulty increases exponentially once you complete a sequence of tasks without errors.

This video slot machine is a high tech version of a classic arcade game. Upon starting up, it loads up Agent Royale, plays a sequence of increasingly challenging mini games and finally pops open the reveal of an underground facility where the nefarious Doctor Neo Cortex has formed his latest super villain army. When Agent Royale begins to investigate, he comes across several relics that hint to the existence of another, bigger conspiracy. From thereon, he launches himself into the underground facility, where he must fight his way through the enemies – while making use of various devices and vehicles to help him complete his mission. With several game variations, like ” multiplier ” turbo “, as well as a bonus room, this online slot game is a blast to play.

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