Tweethearts is an adorable little slot machine that takes place in the nicest tropical forest you’ve ever seen, in which all the happy birds have fallen in love and now they are about to marry, but the little frog has blocked their progress with his evil scheme! The beautiful birds will fall in love with the frog if they chance to walk into his trap, but first he needs to acquire all three bird species (the white-tailed eagle, the blue titmouse and the zebra finch) before he can marry them. It sounds easy, but this little frog can’t seem to stay away from danger and when the happy couple finally walks into his trap, he’s ready to devour them. The happy couple must travel through jungles and on large islands until they come across the last remaining frog. In the meantime, Tweethearts offers you three new cards to play and you’ll want to try these out to see how well your luck holds up.

It doesn’t matter what time of day you play Tweethearts, for it offers the best advantages when the slot reels during the late hours of the day. That is why this slot is the best value for money in a casino slot game: if the reels stop at two in the afternoon, that means that you will get double points (if not more). And because there are no “spinning” effects, you have almost endless control over the outcome of the game. You could add a little luck to your efforts by playing a second or third game in the wee hours of the morning, when the slot reels slow down considerably.

If you’re looking for something to do with your free time while waiting for the slots to spin, then you would definitely be better off playing a Spades Bingo game. While this isn’t strictly speaking a slot game, it does feature slots and bingo and if you play a few Spades Bingo games on the same day, you will get a welcome bonus of double points. To qualify for double points, you need to accumulate a certain number of lucky wilds. Lucky Wilds are points that come from spins on the Spades Bingo slot machines. It’s easy to get a large stack of these bonuses because they are given away as part of the game. You can easily rack up hundreds if not thousands of these bonuses, so look for opportunities to open one or two for yourself.

In terms of symbols used on the Tweethearts game board, you will notice that each symbol corresponds to one of the four wild slots on the game board – P, A, T, and J. The squares where these symbols appear tend to be in random. This makes them seem like they just appeared randomly. However, the symbols actually form a pattern on the board, and you can use a pattern analyzer to identify which symbol goes where. Also, when you are lucky enough to win a jackpot, the wild symbols will flash on the board for all to see: these are called Flashy Symbol rewards.

You will also notice that there are a few lucky wild cards on the game board that have a particular pattern to their appearance. If you are playing a game and suddenly get a wild card that displays the image of a Flashy Symbol, this is a sign that you are about to win. If you do not see any of these symbols, but you happen to place your bet at a time when there are a lot of people around who do, you may be looking at double lucky wild cards.

Although it may seem impossible, there is always the possibility that you will hit on a jackpot. What you can do to increase your chances is to play more than five reels in a row. Playing more than five reels will increase the odds that you will win, as the machine will take longer to randomize the spins and will give more free spots to your bets. If you play five reels in a row without getting a wild card, then you are more likely to win. There are other variables involved with the game such as the layout of the slots and the theme of the game, however, and it is advisable that you read up on the specifics before beginning a session.

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