Worst Online Casino Offers You Must Avoid if You Want to Cash Out

Worst Online Casino Offers You Must Avoid if You Want to Cash Out

You may have heard the stern warning that you always need to read the terms and conditions and simply shrugged, thinking “What could be so bad?”. After reading this article about the worst online casino offers we hope you will never make this mistake again.

It is often said that every casino bonus out there is worth it, but this is simply not true. Certain offers are not only near-impossible to get a cent out of, but will actually affect your real money deposit as well.

We do recommend that you read up on the fundamentals of casino bonuses, however, if you simply want a list of don’ts, this should do the trick. Here are three types of casino offers you must avoid if you have any intention of actually cashing out.  

Worst Online Casino Offers

You Cannot Forfeit Your Bonus

You should avoid every single casino bonus that cannot be forfeited. This sneaky requirement will literally lock in your real money deposit, regardless of how much you win, until the wagering is met. The danger here is that any win can be lost by the time the wagering is actually met, rendering the typical real money advantage useless.


Sky-High Wagering Requirements

Generally speaking, wagering requirements under 35-40 are good, while wagering requirements under 60 are “ok” though generally smart to avoid. You can however encounter wagering requirements well over 60, some reaching 100, and others, as insane as it might sound, going above. If you are not vigilant in checking the terms and conditions you may just end up collecting an offer you have no practical chance of converting.

Before playing a game, we always recommend playing free games first to learn the ropes to the game.


Max and Minimum Win

Max Wins are relatively acceptable, and anyone who tries their luck with no deposit bonuses will have encountered them again and again. They are simply a way for the casino to ensure that they don’t lose too much money on a possibly very good deal. However, if this comes with a so-called “Minimum Win” you need to be highly sceptical.

This combination of Max and Minimum Win means that after the wagering requirement you need to be within this zone to withdraw and anything above is lost. To make things worse the minimum win may need to be equal to your original bonus, or otherwise high, making it near impossible to make the cut.


High Minimum Withdrawals

High minimum withdrawals may not bother high rollers, but they are a low rollers’ nightmare. There are actually casinos that have minimum deposits of €20, but then have a minimum withdrawal of €50. If you don’t read the terms and conditions this may take you completely by surprise and usually trap your real money deposit unless you make new deposits. 

Luckily, this specific issue has a clear solution, which is to make an additional deposit to be able to cash out potential winnings or salvage losses. Be aware though that this is only an easy fix if your real money deposits do not get wagering requirements attached to them.

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